EWELL Conference

On Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of November, the results of the European research, "ensuring the wellbeing of children in judicial cooperation in cases of international child abduction" (EWELL) are presented!

The Center IKO has presented the results with the partners Child Focus (Belgium), University of Antwerp, CFPE Enfants Disparus (France), the French Central Authority and Missing Children Europe after a two-year study. The aim: Improving the wellbeing of children who have been retained in or taken to another country by one of their parents. The research will provide more insight, for legal professionals and policymakers who are involved in such international cases, in the psychological effects of such an event on the children. There is examined which factors influences their well-being. The results will contribute to a better assessment of ‘the best interest of the child’. Here you can find the brochure with the results, the full research report and the recommendations.

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