By alphabetical order

•    Mr Christophe Bernasconi (The Netherlands, Secretary General HCCH)
•    Ms Sabine Brieger (Germany, judge)
•    Mr Eberhard Carl (Germany, judge)
•    Mr Ian Curry-Sumner (The Netherlands, specialist private international law)
•    Ms Sandra Fenn (United Kingdom, mediator)
•    Mr Francisco Javier Forcada Miranda (Spain, judge)
•    Mr Miloš HaĆ„apka (Slovakia, Ministry of Justice)
•    Mr Michael Karle (Germany, psychologist and child psychiatrist)
•    Ms Sybille Kiesewetter (Germany, psychologist - mediator)
•    Ms Katharina Kriegel-Schmidt (Germany, mediator - research fellow)
•    Ms Anke Loebel (Germany, lawyer - mediator)
•    Mrs Annegret Katzenstein (Switserland, president Supreme Court Zürich)
•    Ms Thalia Kruger (Belgium, professor University Antwerp)
•    Mr Francesco Lo Voi (The Netherlands, Eurojust's National Member for Italy and Contact Point for Child Protection)
•    Mr Nigel Lowe (United Kingdom, professor Cardiff Law School)
•    Ms Kerstin Niethammer-Jürgens (Germany, lawyer)
•    Mr Christoph C. Paul (Germany, lawyer-notary-mediator)
•    Ms Joanna Serdynska (Belgium, European Commission)
•    Mr Agris Skudra (Latvia, Ministry of Justice)
•    The Rt. Hon. Sir Mathew Thorpe (United Kingdom, former judge)
•    Mr David Urwyler (Switzerland, Ministry of Justice)
•    Ms Karin Verbist (Belgium, lawyer)
•    Mr Paul Vlaardingerbroek (the Netherlands, professor Tilburg University)
•    Mr Dirk de Waele (Belgium, Attorney General Court of Appeal Antwerp)

The foregoing list is a provisional list of speakers and may be subject to amendment.
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