In the course of 2016 four webinars of LEPCA II ‘Advanced training for international child abduction lawyers’ were broadcasted live from our studio in Hilversum, the Netherlands. The webinars covered various topics closely related to cross-border child abduction cases. In each instance, the webinars were being run by experts in their field and were planned to build on your knowledge. The four webinars were each divided into two parts. Below you can find an overview of the four webinars.

Webinar 1 "A LEPCA-lawyer’s basic tool kit" 
Part one: The legal framework of international child abduction. 
Part two: The 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention.
It was live broadcasted on April 28 and April 29. Both parts were conducted by Dr. Thalia Kruger of the University of Antwerp. Please find the powerpoint slides here: part one and part two.

Webinar 2 "Cross-border Family Mediation"
Part one: Cross-border Family Mediation: A Webinar for Lawyers.
Part two: Cross-border Family Mediation: Mediation integrated in international child abdcution procedures. The live broadcasting times were on June 21 and June 22.
It was conducted by MiKK and Center IKO in cooperation with senior liasion family judge, Ms. Annette Olland. Please find the powerpoint slides of the second part here

Webinar 3 “The Brussels IIa Regulation” 
Part one: Jurisdiction in international child abduction cases.
Part two: Recognition and enforcement decisions in cases related to international child abduction.
It was live broadcasted on September 20. Both parts were conducted by Dr. Ian Sumner. Please find the powerpoint slides here.

Webinar 4 “European Case Law”
Part one: International child abductions in the light of the European Court of Human Rights' case-law.
Part two: Court decisions on international child abductions across Europe.
The live broadcasting times were on November 7 and November 8.
The first part was conducted by Mr. Thuan dit Dieudonné and the second part was led by Ms. Karin Verbist and Mr. Alexandre Boiché. Both lawyers are also associate partners to the LEPCA-project. Please find the powerpoint slides here: part one and part two.








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