Coşkun Cörüz

Center IKO, General Manager, the Netherlands


Christoph C. Paul 
Chair of MiKK Board, Child Abduction Lawyer, Notary, Mediator, Paul & Partner, Germany


Marie Luise Graf-Schlicker 
Ministerial Director, Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, Berlin, Germany


Dr. Andrea Schulz 
Seconded National Expert, Civil Justice Policy - DG for Justice and Consumers, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium


Mairead McGuinness 
EU Parliament Mediator, Belgium 


Kerstin Bartsch
Senior Legal Officer, Hague Conference on Private International Law, The Hague, the Netherlands 


Irina Lucidi
Lawyer, Italy/Spain 


Anne-Marie Hutchinson
OBE, QC (Hon) Child Abduction Expert, Lawyer, United Kingdom 


Teertha Gupta QC 
Child Abduction Expert, Barrister, Mediator, Deputy High Court Judge


Prof. Dr. Cristina González Beilfuss
Professor of Private International Law


Dr. Alexandre Boiché
Abduction Expert, Lawyer, Working Group HCCH


Wendy van der Stroom,

Dutch Association for Child Abduction Lawyers, the Netherlands 


Paola Moreschini,

Italian Lawyers Initiative on Child Abduction, Italy 


Adriana de Ruiter,

Spanish Association Asime, Spain 


Karin Susanne Delerue

German Lawyers' Initiative Association on Child Abduction, Germany


Helen Blackburn

Child Abduction Lawyers Association (CALA), United Kingdom


Mick Moran
Interpol, Assistant Director, Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Unit, Ireland


Dr. Kerstin Niethammer-Jürgens
Child Abduction Expert, Lawyer, Germany


Véronique Chauveau
Child Abduction Expert, Lawyer


Nicolas Sauvage
Child Abduction Expert, Lawyer


Dr. Soma Kölcsényi
Child Abduction Expert, Lawyer, Mediator


Carolina Marín Pedreño
Child Abduction Expert, Lawyer


Agnieszka Swaczyna
Child Abduction Lawyer


Dr. Marcin Białecki
Child Abduction Lawyer, former Judge, Child Abduction Mediator


Birgitte M.J. Beelen
Clinical Psychologist and Child & Adolescent Psychologist / Child Abduction Expert, International Family Mediator and Trainer

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